Black Leg – All Day > Digital

Albeit rhythmical post punk, Black Leg are slight but intense, personal and intimate but far-flung, airy but deep, such pop double-dealers, ironic and satyrical, that drive us across windy landscapes in any certain hot summer.

Black Leg drive us into desert islands where timeless clocks roam and the time goes by lingeringly, waiting for any action, providing and letting us live through treasures only to be shared on special occasions, in between laughs, smiles, nights and timeless dreams.

Black Leg were born when Margarida Borges got a synth and the challenge to debut in a band arose, along with Claudio Fernandes (guitar, vocals) and Ricardo Martins (drums, vocals), who had been playing together for a very long time, in Cangarra. Simple. Let there be enough leg to dance.
released June 16, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bernardo Barata.
Artwork by Margarida Borges.